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that's where the red cross comes in and our emergency responders. we're going to tell you how they are stepping up and people from maryland are heading out this morning to help those victims out. thank you for joining us. it is november 1st, thursday morning. i hope you had a happy halloween. we have a lot of news to cover, sandy still the big story. thousands of people in new jersey still trapped in their homes and the cleanup is only just beginning in some of the hardest hit areas. we're hearing that the death toll has risen in new york city and of course a lot of people are still devastated by the fires. they can't go anywhere, and water conservation also a huge issue. let's head live to hoboken where we see remay marsh. the national guard are still on stand by, yesterday they rescued people trapped inside their house, but this morning some good news. that contaminated flood water in this area is all gone.
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>> it's been three days since super storm sandy bore down on the east coast, but recovery is just beginning. governor chris christie of new jersey is asking for patience. >> i need you to have patience as i'm trying to get all these things done. >> christie accompanied president obama on a tour of storm damage yesterday. the president said americans go through tough times, but always bounce back. >> my commitment to the people on this block, the people in this community, and the people in this state is that that same spirit will carry over all the way through until our work is done. >> in new york limited subway service is beginning today with flooded tunnels and packed buses many commuters have been forced to walk or bike into manhattan. >> we'll take it one step at a time and figure it out. hope for the best. >> governor cuomo declared a transportation emergency waives
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fees on mass transit until the end of the week. the storm damage was so extensive at well view hospital that -- bellevue hospital that it had to be shut down. 10,000 army, air and national guard troops have been put on duty in 13 states. those left with water logged homes and damaged businesses across the eastern seaboard say they're getting through day by day. >> we're in survival mode, just doing one step at a time. >> and getting around especially by car in the city really tough. traffic is snarled with these road closures and limited mass transit so new york's mayor is saying people massacrer pool from 6 a.m. to noon if they hope to get into manhattan. reporting live in hoboken new jersey this morning, i'm renee marsh back to you. people need help and all new this morning help is on the way. our neighbors in new jersey who
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suffered so much in this storm, they are now getting a helping hand. linda so is here telling us how people are getting help. what's the state of maryland and the city doing. >> baltimore is actually sending two ambulances, an suv, and a total of five emergency responders to help people in new jersey. the crews showed up before 4 this morning at the public safety training academy on northern parkway to pack up and load up with emergency supplies, bandages, back boards and splints. they're heading to atlantic county new jersey an area devastated by the storm. they'll be joined by several other medics from maryland to help with recovery. the team will be making a quick stop in elkton to meet up with others from maryland. they'll be responding to 9-1-1 calls and doing anything to help out. >> really unsure. it could be still people trapped that we could be
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assisted with, or it could be people that have already been treated and are waiting to be removed from the area. >> now the crews are hoping to get to new jersey by 9 this morning and to spend the next 7 to 10 days helping storm victims there. linda so abc2 news. >> and linda we just got word that the first new york trains have started rolling in that city. good news there. we are going to now get a check on the weather because i know so many of you are wondering what about us. we have seen everything from extreme flooding and rain and wind and snow in other parts of the state. >> brighter days are ahead, no pun intended. we are dealing with some very cold temperatures again this morning, though. at 44 degrees in millersville, the winds are pretty much on the calm side but don't let this fool you. they will begin to pick up, about 5 to 15 miles an hour. we're looking at a temperature of 44 in aimsville and yes, sir sop 44 degrees there you need
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the big coat, it's going to stay chilly as we head through the afternoon as well. let's look at maryland's most powerful radar. we can see the wet weather coming down across the area, but this is very light in nature. sprinkles across the area and also it's patchy, it's scattered, we're not dealing with any type of rain across the eastern shore. in western maryland that's where we're seeing action around hagerstown and some around baltimore, a few sprinkles will be dropping on your windshield. but all in all we should stay mainly dry, especially as we go into the afternoon. we look at the planner. you can plan accordingly but by 8:00 temperatures still quite chilly. 52 degrees and chilly by lunchtime, maybe a few peeks of sunshine through the afternoon but the clouds will be sticking around just like they did yesterday, and then by 3:00 temperature not budging that much, just 54 degrees, the breeze is with us. let's get a check of the time
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saver traffic with lauren cook. we are dealing with a crash. first one of the day. it's on 695 on the outer loop. as you can see here in hartford road it's not causing any significant delays as of yet but traffic is starting to pick up. if you are traveling on the west side of the beltway this is what it looks like at liberty road. everything moving along, 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. 83 going to be in great shape if you are driving that to get downtown. you're looking at an 11 minute ride traveling southbound from 695 all the way down to fayette street. and everything up to speed through the harbor tunnel as well as the fort mchenry tunnel. that is a lookat your abc2 time saver traffic. 6 minutes after 6. from the middle east to right here at home, the maryland national guard is always there when you need them, and this morning the men and women who serve the state of maryland in the national guard are helping in the aftermath johnson has the s
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>> the maryland national guard is doing its part to help local authorities in the aftermath of super storm sandy. troops are on patrol in towns like salisbury. it's one of many cities swamped by the highway rain. a couple of caskets were unearthed. and the national guard troops delivered food and water to people in cities across manhattan. troops arrived on tuesday to help as officials sent out a plea for more supplies including boats and generators. it flooded 25% of the community and 90% was without power. this left many people anxious and city leaders struggling to get help to those who need it. dozens of volunteers are going door to door in new york to see if seniors need water or other medical supplies. sherrie johnson abc2 news. by tomorrow night everyone should have their lights back on here in our community, bge
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says they have restored power to more than 90% of its customers. 19,000 people are still in the dark. the majority of them are in baltimore county. they expect to have the lights back on by friday night. >> if you picked up sand wags and many of you did to prepare, now is the time to return them. the city has announced the dropoff lotions. we're going to pass them along to you. you can bring them to the broadway pier, rash field down at the inner harbor or you can go to polly western high school their parking lot, they'll be taking them there. these locations will be open from 10 in the morning until 7 today and tomorrow. it wasn't just the rain or the strong winds, sandy also brought snow here in maryland. today our governor is going to tour garrett county. sandy dumped more than 2 feet of snow there. garrett county could see another 3 to 5 inches before the week is over and people can start digging out. in democracy 2012 coverage,
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we are just five days away from election day, but you can still vote early now. people are heading to the polls early including governor o'malley. >> we have a lot of very interesting issues on the ballot, and of course none more interesting than the election of the president of the united states. so in tiles of emergency -- times of emergency i think people really see why it is that we come together to form a government. >> with two days lost extended hours should have everything back on track. the polls will be open from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. that's today and tomorrow for early voters, and then if you missed your opportunity for early voting you can head to the polls on tuesday. >> and play some games or enjoy the boardwalk, so many of us have taken that trip to atlantic city. coming up next, a look at what is left behind after sandy ripped through that community. >> and in a city that relies on transportation, how new yorkers are getting around when all the buses and the trains aren't moving, we're going to show you what happens when the city that
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never sleeps comes it to a halt. >> and we have plenty of cloud cover across our area and some wet weather. i'll tell you when sandy releases its grip coming up. >> we are dealing with a crash on 695 here in parkville and several other accidents across the region. we'll have your complete time saver traffic report coming up. >> 10 minutes after 6 right now, a live picture of new york city's time square, the power's on there but that's midtown, what about the rest of the island. >> we're going to head up there right new for today's tech bytes. >> two wireless giants coming together to help the victims of hurricane sandy. at&t and t-mobile will allow customers in the storm zone to make calls on either network without enduring roaming charges. >> and another sign of cooperation, new yorkers coming together to charge up their gadgets anywhere and any way they can. plugging into shared power strips and posting the results online. apple fans will have to wait a little longer for the new
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itunes software. it was set to be released in october. the new design will feature a new interface and will intergrate with icloud. >> research is notion is one step closer to releasing the blackberry 10 smartphones. they've tested their software with more than 50 wireless carriers. those new devices are expected to go on sale early next year. those are your tech bytes. have a great day. i'm rob nelson.
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we have some breaking news coming out of los angeles. four people have been shot during a halloween party. it happened on the university of southern california campus. two people have been detain. they're being questioned right now. the four victims were rushed to the hospital. we have no word on their
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condition. a usc spokesperson says a fight between two nonstudents led to the shooting. we'll give you the information on air on online at. casinos are still closed and that means a loss of millions of dollars every single day. abc2 tom wait surveyed the damage and cleanup effort. >> so much destruction here in atlantic city. this was somebody's roof. it was ripped off their building and just tossed to the side here. this is just the beginning. where i'm standing there used to be 5 feet of water. it's moved out but the destruction is very much here. >> beverly peterson one of those people. she's been living by candlelight with her son in their duplex. tonight it's the little things that we take for granted that make them smile. >> we have food, and you can cook outside, but by now the
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freezers are just about giving up with no electric. >> beverly has been here in this neighborhood since her dad brought her here in the 1940s. many of her treasured memories disappeared in the flood waters. >> we lost all our personal possessions from the time my kids went to school. there's tools down there. we can salvage that. >> family memorabilia, pictures things like that. >> all that stuff, christmas trees ornaments. >> outside her home the water was up about 5 feet, the win so strong they tore her neighbor's roof clean off the building and about 2 miles from her, the shoreline where the north part of the atlantic city boardwalk is gone. debris is strewn everywhere, shocked residents came out today to see it for their own eyes. this is a storm unlike any other. >> never have we had water in this house. i've been here 50 years. >> the cleanup has barely begun here in and some spots not at
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a. an eerie silence in the neighborhood. a lot of people remain evacuated and police continue patrol making sure looters are not taking advantage of the situation. you see a story like that it breaks your heart when you hear from somebody who's lost pick pictures of their children, things that belonged to their grandparents. it's so sad. >> you can't get get it back. it's devastating to think just a little bit dish in the track 100 miles different in the track that would have been ocean city. that would have been us. >> are you surprised it didn't hit us harder? >> i am a little surprised which is a good thing, but i always like to say better safe than sorry. >> absolutely, and i think for sure you guys did great job letting people know, take this seriously. a lot more people could have been hurt or killed. i think the fact that we were prepared and warned helped out a lot because it was bad. >> it was bad. things looking good now. we get to clean up and we are
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going to get some sunshine. we want that sunshine. as we go into the weekend, we won't get it for today. we're still watching that counterclockwise spin. this is the remnant low of sandy as it begins to -- or continues to pull away from has, and we're still dealing with a little bit of snow showers across western. it's actually in west virginia and western maryland, and also in western pa dealing with some of the changeover, a little bit of a mixed bag of precipitation across that area. look at the rainfall totals from sandy, though. you see pink there, that's the highest totals above, like, close to like a foot of rain in a hot of spots and -- and also we're looking at the red. we got 5 to 6 inches of rainfall across the area. not only did sandy bring lots of rain, but also snow. red house maryland 30-inches of snow. west virginia davis came in at 28, 24 in norton virginia and
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gatlinburg down into tennessee, 20 inches. this shows you it's pushing away which is good news. it is cold out there. it changed our weather pattern. we were dealing with indian summer before it came, now we're dealing with conditions that should be in late november. clarksville at 44. we're at 44 in frederick and 45 in easton, sparrow's point more of the same. these temperatures will remain chilly. at the surface, we are waiting for this area of high pressure to build in, and it will do so as we go into the weekend. we have that counterclockwise flow and that's going to be bringing a northwesterly chilly breezy flow in here as we head through the rest of today and even tomorrow. >> future trend picking up on the cloud cover throughout the day. still going to keep a chance for some showers. we are getting showers out there on the radar right now in certain spots, scattered very light. the clouds will begin to move away as we go towards the
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weekend. for today this is what you can expect. by lunchtime that temperature coming in at 52 degrees and the temperatures really not bumping up much from there. we can see our high, 3:00, 4:00 coming in at 54 degrees. we should have at 61 this time of year. this is what we're waiting for saturday and sunday, more sunshine but we stay in that chilly pattern as we head into next weekment let's get a check of the abc2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. bring on that sunshine. >> i'm working on it. >> we are dealing with several accidents. trouble in an ran doe county where there's a crash in i don't have ton on the southbound lanes of crane highway. and in howard county we are dealing with a crash in jessup on washington boulevard at montevideo road. and as we check in and take a live look here at hartford road you'll notice traffic picking up in the area. no significant delays as you travel up towards 83.
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speaking of 83 you're taking a live look now in hunt valley. everything moving right along, no delays once you do travel down to the beltway and it will remain clear on to the jfx. that is a look at your traffic. after two days without public transportation because of sandy some new yorkers are eager to get around. we just learned recently the first train has started rolling in manhattan. here you can see from this video people pushing their way on to a bus. commuters will have more options today because of limited subway service. and when it comes to drinking soda, how much is too much. well, that's a question this morning a lot are asking. one man says it's as bad as smoking and he has a challenge that some might find hard to take on. we'll tell you what it is. >> this takes it a little too far, how some illegal activity was stopped short when these guys had too much confidence in their car.
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6:23, could you go an entire month without drinking soda. that is the pledge one hospital in detroit asked their employees to make for the month of november. to get into the spirit of the challenge, staffers are wearing a say no to pop t-shirt and signing the board with the drinking cafeteria, they're going to have fruit infused water and bottled water. the man behind the proposal says this has to be done because he believes soda kills. >> do you really think drinking soda pop is as bad as smoking? >> absolutely. it is. it's directly linked to two diseases, obesity. those are directly linked to the top cause of death in this country, mainly heart attacks strokes and cancer. >> others in the community are taking part in the challenge including students from detroit public schools. you know it didn't happen here
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when they call it pop. what is that. >> i have no idea. it's soda. >> it's soda. >> time to -- elizabeth wilkinson sent in today's photo of dog cocoa who celebrated halloween last night. how adorable is this picture. we posted it on facebook. it's generated a ton of comments. why do they do this to me? cooper saying wendy is in the slammer. anna maria captioned saying look, it's pippy dog stocking. >> and james brown, i bet he notices he now. simply keep your captions coming. we're enjoying them and i do need some photos for next week so e-mail them to pik @ thanks lauren. take look at this. suspected smugglers fail in an attempt to illegally cross the border in arizona. they tried to drive a jeep over a 14-foot high border fence and
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they made a makeshift ramp. patrolling agents saw the ramp and jeep in progress, so they say the jeep got stuck. the suspects ran back over the border into mexico but they have the jeep in their custody. and caught on camera, some rage all over a parking space. he says one thing, she says another. we'll probably never know who's telling the truth. one thing is certain the video's pretty good. ♪
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it is a tale of he said she said with some great video along with it. this all over a parking space. we're going to tell you who ended up in custody in this situation. and sitting on a porch taking in the loss, these images say so much for so many. everything is gone. >> catastrophic flooding, rescues, neighborhoods that are wiped out. we're going to take you live to hoboken new jersey. good thursday morning. i'm megan pringle. thank you so much for joining us. i hope you had a happy and safe halloween. we are going to check in first with meteorologist lynette charles because obviously we want to know this morning how the weather is looking and what the situation is right now. we are seeing a few showers on maryland's most

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